Exterior Handrail and Railings 8

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Exterior Handrail and Railings 8

Wrought Iron Staircases Overview                        Florentine, Rosemont, Blacksmith

Twisted Handrail Design 

Many variations of can be achieved with a combination of twisted and straight pickets.  This small railing, built for a farm house outside of Ripon, Wisconsin, compliments the farm house.  These pickets alternate between twisted ones and straight ones, but other options can be fabricated, such as a straight picket and then two twisted.  Any design you come up with, we will be happy to fabricate.

The railing in the second photo was made to the specifications of our customer in New Jersey.  There are alternating twisted and straight pickets.


On February 22, 2008 she was kind enough to send this photo of the installed hand rail as well as the note below.


Dear Vicki,
The handrail is delivered and is just lovely.  It fits perfectly and, I must tell you, the faint whiff of the charcoal furnace brings back such pleasant memories of the many east coast colonial forges we have visited from time to time.
Thank-you, Darlene Gates

Wrought Iron Staircases 1                                       Infinity Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 2                                       Eon Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 3                                       Florentine Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 4                                       Rosemont Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 5                                       Blacksmith Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 6                                       Eternal Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 7                                       Laurel Handrail
Wrought Iron Staircases 8                                       Arches Handrail
Interior Railings 1                                                     Square Bar Railing
Wrought Iron Gates                                                  Moose
Gate Entrance 1                                                        Stagecoach
Gate Entrance 2                                                        Cattle
Gate Entrance 3                                                        Steer and Horse

Gate 3                                                                         Interior stair gate - deer & trees

Exterior Handrail and Railings 1                             Arrow
Exterior Handrail and Railings 2                             Logic and Double Scroll
Exterior Handrail and Railings 3                             Mission
Exterior Handrail and Railings 4                             Lucid
Exterior Handrail and Railings 5                             Moira
Exterior Handrail and Railings 6                             Lucid    (more photo examples)
Exterior Handrail and Railings 7                             Bowed
Exterior Handrail and Railings 8     this page       Twisted
Exterior Handrail and Railings 9                             Twisted Basket
Exterior Handrail and Railings 10                           Stalwart
Exterior Handrail and Railings 11                           Bella
Exterior Handrail and Railings 12                           Pipe Rail
Gate Design Samples 1                                            3 gate design samples
Wood Cap Rail Options
Handrail Terminology Explained
Handrail Brackets 1             
Handrail Brackets 2          
Handrail 1                                                                   Grooved
Handrail 2                                                                   Engraved
Handrail 3                                                                   Honeycomb
Handrail 4                                                                   Scalloped
Handrail 5                                                                   Tubular          



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