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Large and Small Fluted Corbels and Shelf Brackets

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SHB126  fluted "s" shelf bracket or corbel  14" x14"

The fluted "S" scroll wrought iron shelf bracket or wrought iron decorative corbel is a heavy duty corbel that provides excellent support for granite or marble counter tops.  It also is an excellent choice for fireplace mantles.

The round rod is made of 1 inch solid steel and the legs of the bracket / corbel are made of 11/2" x 1/2" flat steel flat bar.  The smallest that this can be fabricated is 12" x 12", but smaller sizes can be made with the 5/8" fluted round rod shown below in the black finish.      The price list is below.

This bracket is shown below in the brushed metal finish.


  SHB126S  These two photos show the fluted "S" bracket fabricated in a smaller dimension.  8" x 8"



For the smaller sizes, we use 5/8 inch round rod instead of the 1 inch round rod and we use 11/2" x 3/8" flat bar for the legs.

These smaller brackets have the same beauty as the large ones and they can also be customized.

The price list is below.

The corbel / shelf bracket shown to the left has been finished in natural rust.



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Product & Number Black or Faux Rust Natural Rust Brushed Metal
SHB126   fluted "S" curve shelf bracket or corbel  1" steel $155 each bracket $185 $177.50
SHB126   change dimensions - add $20 for each order $20 each order
SHB126S   fluted "S" curve shelf bracket or corbel  5/8" steel $70 each bracket $84 $80.50
SHB126S   change dimensions up to 9x9 - add $20 for each order $20 each order
SHB126S   change dimensions over 9x9 - add $20 each order $20 each bracket  


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